John Patrick Bray - Playwright




Production History (*Publications); Longer Plays Listed First


As We Speak (Full-length drama)

(re:)Directions Theatre, 14th St. Y, Off-Off Broadway Equity Showcase,                      November  2008

Commissioned by the (re:)Directions Theatre Company

*Published by Heartland Plays, Inc.


Down Low (Full-length drama, co-authored with Keith Dorwick)

The Dancing Project, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Staged-Reading               September 2007

Commissioned under grants from Acadiana Center for the Arts and Acadiana C.A.R.E.S.


NightFears (90-minute multi-media piece, co-authored with Keith Dorwick)                   

Acadiana Rep. Theatre, Acadiana                                                                                  September 2010 Commissioned under a grant from the Acadiana Center for the Arts


Trickster at the Gate (90-minute drama)      

The New Orleans Big Read, Staged Reading                                                                   November 2009

At Hand Theatre Company, Ted Bardy Studios, Off-Off Broadway Equity Showcase            March 2009

The Big Read Acadiana, Performing Arts Society of Acadiana, Cite des Arts                      April 2008

Commissioned by the Performing Arts Society of Acadiana under The Big Read Acadiana Grant from The NEA

*Published by Next Stage Press


Hound (90-minute drama)                                               

HQ Rep. and RKP, The Robert Moss Theatre, Off-Off Broadway Equity Showcase             June 2009

Natural Selection, galapagos art space (Brooklyn), Staged Reading                          February 2009

HQ Rep., Cite des Arts                                                                                                October 2007

New School for Drama, Alumni Play Project, Staged Reading                                     July 2005             

Winner: Best Costumes and Make-Up, Best Supporting Actor

Nominated: Outstanding Revival or Adaptation, Planet Connections Theatre Festivity         August 2009

Semi-Finalist, Mildred and Albert Panowski Playwriting Award at Northern Michigan University, 2006

Finalist with Honorable Mention, Media Darling’s Theatre Publicus Prize for Best New Drama, 2005

*Published by Next Stage Press

Romeo and Juliet Drink the Young Wine [Scene one](80-Minutes; conceived by Jason Tyne-Zimmerman)

The Exquisite Corpse Festival, 133rd St. Arts Center, Off-Off Broadway                          June 2012


Liner Notes (75-minute drama)                      

Last Frontier Theatre Conference, Play Labs                                                                  June 2011

The Axial Theatre Company, St. John Episcopal Church, Workshop                                 January 2011

(re):Directions Theatre Company, The Robert Moss Theatre, NYC, AEA Showcase       June 2010

Louisiana State University, Staged-Reading                                                                   January 2009

3 States Theatre Company, The Producer's Club (NYC), Staged Reading                    October 2008

New School for Drama Alumni Play Project, New School for Drama Theatre,                  June 2006

Staged Reading  

Semi-Finalist, Christopher Brian Wolk Playwriting Award at the Abingdon Theatre, 2004

*Monologue published in The 2011 Best Stage Monologues and Scenes for Women, Smith and Kraus, Inc.

*Published on Indie Theatre Now


Foul Feast (75-minute comedy, co-authored with Gregory Bray)                           

DCC Programming Board, Dutchess Hall Theatre at Dutchess Community College      November 1996


Dancing with the Virus (70-minute multimedia piece, co-authored with Keith Dorwick)

The Dancing Project, Cite des Arts                                                                                  October 2006

Commissioned under grants from the Acadiana Center for the Arts and Acadiana C.A.R.E.S.


Attic Monster (One-act play)

The GOOD Works Theatre Festival, 14th St. Playhouse, Atlanta, GA                                 July 2012

On Top (One-act play)                      

The Rising Sun Performance Company, The Red Room, Off-Off Broadway                        July 2011     

Best of the Strawberry One-Act Festival, Producers Club 2, Off-Off Broadway                   July 2005

Strawberry One-Act Festival, Producers’ Club 2, Off-Off Broadway Equity Showcase        August 2004

The Rising Sun Performance Company, 78th St. Theatre Lab, Off-Off Broadway               June 2004

Semi-Finalist: Strawberry One-Act Festival, Summer 2004

*Published in The Best Plays from the Strawberry One-Act Festival, Volume 2

Goodnight Lovin’ Trail  (One-act play)        

Frigid Festival/Rising Sun Perf. Co.  , The Kraine Theatre, Off-Off Broadway                Feb/March 2011

Rising Sun Performance Company, Fringe-Wilmington                                                  October 2009

Hub City Theatre Festival, Cite des Arts,                                                                        June 2007

Best of the Strawberry One-Act Festival, Producers Club 2, Off-Off Broadway              February 2004

The Rising Sun Performance Company, 78th St. Theatre Lab, Off-Off Broadway        June 2004            

Actors Studio Drama School Rep Season, Circle in the Square (Downtown), AEA Prod.  April 2003 

Shandaken Playfair,  Shandakin Playhouse                                                                  July  2001

Winner: Audience Favorite, Best Actor, Best Design: Hub City Theatre Festival, 2007

Finalist: Strawberry One-Act Festival, Winter, 2004

*Published in The Best Plays from the Strawberry One-Act Festival, Volume 1.

*Published on Indie Theatre Now


Southern Werewolf (One-act play)

Full Circle Rep., Triple Crown Basement Space, Off-Off Broadway                                   October 2011

Louisiana State University Dept. of Theatre Lab Season (“It’s Scary, Y’all!”)                     October 2009

The Rising Sun Performance Company, UNDER St. Marks Theatre, Off-Off Broadway     July 2006             

Lincoln and Lee (One-act play)

Louisiana Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission, Old State Capital, Staged Reading    April 2009

Commissioned by David Madden, featuring Louisiana Secretary of State Jay Dardenne as Lincoln

*Published by Heartland Plays, Inc.


AmeriKan Mine (One-act play)

Samuel French Off-Off Broadway Festival, American Theatre of Actors                                 July 2005

The Rising Sun Performance Company, 78th St. Theatre Lab, Off-Off Broadway                    June 2004


Astronaut (One-act play)                  

Brooke Point Players, Brooke Point, VA                                                                             May 2004

Commissioned by the Brooke Point Players


Resonator Blues: A Play about a Guitar (One-act play)

Strawberry One-Act Festival, Producers’ Club 2,                                                                July 2005        Semi-finalist: Strawberry One-Act Festival, Summer 2005

*Published with JACPublishing, Inc.


Murray and the Bakers Dozen (One-act play)             

Shandaken Playfair,  Shandaken Playhouse                                                                     June 2002


Roger Can Dance (One-act play, co-authored with Gregory Bray)         

New Paltz Players,  Parker Theatre, SUNY New Paltz                                                    November 1998


Green Sound (10-Minute Play)

University of Georgia                                                                                                     November 2012

Ensemble Theatre of Chattanooga's 'Short Attention Span Theatre-Bizarre'                  Aug-Sep 2012 

Chattanooga, TN

Adaptive Arts Collective's 'Autism Initiative', 5c Cafe and Cultural Center,                     January 2012

Staged Reading.


Eleanor’s Passing (10-Minute Play)

Heartland Theatre Co’s Ten-Minute Play Festival (“Back Porch Plays”), Normal, IL                June 2011

One of eight winners to be produced

*Published in the Applause anthology The Best Short American Plays, 2010-2011 (ed. William Demastes)

*Forthcoming publication in the Smith and Kraus anthology, The 2012 Best Ten Minute Plays (Dec. 2012).


Scenes from Hambone (10-Minute Selection)

Sticky with Blue Box Productions (in association with Rachel Klein),                                    May 2011

Bowery Poetry Club, NYC

Commissioned by Rachel Klein Productions


Cookies (10-minute play)                 

The Rising Sun Performance Company, The Red Room, Off-Off Broadway,                  September 2010

The Rising Sun Performance Company, 78th St. Theatre Lab, Off-Off Broadway          June 2004

Shandaken Playfair, Shandaken Playhouse                                                                   June 2002

Strawberry One-Act Festival, Producers’ Club 2, Off-Off Broadway                                July 2002


MAC (10-minute play)

Shandaken Playfair, Shandaken Playhouse                                                                        July 2001


Generation X Tries to Kill the Cast of Glee But They’re All Zombies

So it Doesn’t Work: A Conclusion in Short by Dr. John Patrick Bray

(5-minute send up)

24-Hour Plays as part of the Valdez Fringe Festival, Valdez, AK                                              June 2011



Rose of Athens No Shame Play Reading Series, Moderator and Director, Present

Athens Playwrights Workshop, Moderator and Playwright, Present

American Society for Theatre Research (ASTR), 2010-Present

Theatre Communications Group (TCG), 2009- Present

Equity Membership Candidate (EMC), 2007- Present

The Dramatists Guild of America, Inc., Full Member, 2001 – Present

American Theatre and Drama Society (ATDS), 2010-2012

Association for Theatre in Higher Education (ATHE), 2010- 2012

Last Frontier Theatre Conference, Play Labs, Playwright Participant, 2011

The Axial Theatre’s Playwriting Workshop, 2010-2011

The Rising Sun Performance Company, Literary Manager, 2010-2011

Mid-America Theatre Conference (MATC), 2009-2011

New School for Drama Alumni Play Project, Summer 2005 and 2007

Actors Studio Playwrights/Directors Workshop, Member 2004- 2006 (Carlin Glynn, moderator)

The Rising Sun Performance Company (Off-Off Broadway), Resident Writer, 2004-2006

Epic Rep. Theatre (at The Players' Club), Guest Playwright, 2005

O’Neill Studios at Provincetown Playhouse, Visiting Artist, 2005


Training/ Education

Louisiana State University (Ph.D., Theatre Studies, 2011)

Dissertation: “Process as Product: The Culture of Development and the Twenty-First Century American Dramatist.”

Dir: Dr. Leslie A. Wade


Actors Studio Drama School at New School University (MFA in Playwriting, 2003)

Goodnight Lovin’ Trail, Master’s Thesis

Produced at the Circle in the Square Downtown, April 2003  

Playwriting: Neal Bell, Jim Ryan, Jeffrey Sweet

Playwriting Lab: Jack Gelber, Andreas Manolikakis

Mentor Program: Susan Kim, Ensemble Studio Theatre


SUNY New Paltz (BS, Drama)                

Playwriting: Laurence Carr


SUNY at Dutchess Community College (AS, Communications and Media Arts)

 Learning in Progress (Half-hour-documentary series; writer for the episode Balanced Playing Field? - a look at Affirmative Action in New York State)


Teaching (Playwriting courses listed only; for full list of classes, please ask for a CV):

 - Lecturer of dramatic writing and theatre appreciation at the University of Georgia-Athens, 2011- Present

- Intro to Playwriting at Louisiana State University (Cross-Listed between English and Theatre Departments).

- Crafting the Full-Length Play at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette (Senior Course created by John Patrick            Bray)

- Master Playwriting class for Off-Off Broadway's The Rising Sun Performance Company (Winter 2004)


 Reviews: (Excerpts; copies of full reviews available upon request)

 Trickster at the Gate (At Hand Theatre Company Production Off-Off Broadway):

 "...a captivating cross-cultural (often funny) play that transcends (what some might dismiss as 'trendy') race issues and enters into that place all art dwells: the core mystery of human spiritual experience. In Trickster that 'core' is found in the borderland between spirituality and madness." - Frank Schaeffer, The Huffington Post (


"Trickster at the Gate is an exuberant, enjoyable production... Originally written as a festival production to encourage reading, the play stands fairly well on its own merit and is certainly well served here by an energetic, talented production... with solid acting, grace, and humor." - Ivanna Cullinan,



"In Trickster at the Gate, John Patrick Bray demonstrates that taking risks and embracing the vicissitudes of life is the only way to have a fully-lived existence... an incredible tale of defiance, remorse, and self-acceptance. By borrowing from the past, Bray has created a seminal work that speaks to the human need for self-love and growth." - William Gooch,



Hound (HQ Rep. and Rachel Klein Productions at the Planet Connections Theatre Festivity Off-Off Broadway):

 “Bray has thrown in some fanciful elements as well—such as dogs that talk whom only Watson can hear—to create not so much a radical reinvention of the famous pair, but rather a thoughtful and well-crafted re-examination that uses, but isn't constrained by, preconceived ideas of what a Sherlock Holmes mystery or a period murder mystery is supposed to be.”

“…great theatrical fun.”  - Fred Backus,



“Bray’s clever script follows the storyline of Baskerville surprisingly faithfully, yet leads to very different outcomes for its cast of characters at each turn. His philosophical themes are quite intriguing, successfully adding another layer to the familiar Hell Hound tale. - JB Spins



“I was reminded of an almost Tim Burton-esque world of Sherlock Holmes. It was indeed a treat.” - Dianna Martin, The Fab Marquee



“The theatrical elements of Bray's play - monologues by secondary characters explaining their backstory, talking dogs that Watson can understand, use of flashback - all combine to create a world that to Watson's eye is completely off-kilter (...) The result is decidedly theatrical and unrealistic, but certainly entertaining.” – Byrne Harrison, (


Liner Notes (re:Directions Theatre Co. at the Planet Connections Theatre Festivity Off-Off Broadway):

 “Bray has a gift for creating vivid, richly detailed characters.”

“Bray has fashioned an incisive, touching study about love and generational conflict in the 21st century.” – Ben Trawick-Smith, (


“Liner Notes is a touching two-person play…”

“…this one strikes all the right chords.” - Karen Tortora-Lee, The Happy Medium (

  “…an appealing and entertaining production, thanks to the skilled actors and playwright John Patrick Bray’s gift for character development.” - Adrienne Urbanski, (
 NightFears (Acadiana Repertory Theatre, Co-written with Keith Dorwick): 
 “NightFears, an important contribution to our national theatrical library, inspires thought, during and after the show.” – Ray Blum, The Daily Advertiser (  

Goodnight Lovin’ Trail
(Rising Sun Performance Company at The Frigid Festival)  
“A lot can be said for brevity, though when it comes to writing a play, it’s hard to create a fully developed plot and characters in a short time. John Patrick Bray doesn’t seem to suffer this problem…” “[Bray’s] characters…are packed with emotional baggage, but their dialogue is distinctly realistic. When they deliver exposition, it doesn’t feel like exposition, it feels like two people telling each other their life stories.” “…there isn’t a single ounce of fat in the script.”  - David Gordon, (  

 “Goodnight Lovin’ Trail is about as perfect a one act play as I’ve ever come across; effectively comprised of all the parts that make a play work: characters who are brimming with contradiction, both hopeful and hopeless and a story line that drops in on the surface of these lives like a perfect teardrop.” “This play will leave you with tears glistening in your eyes – no small feat for a show that clocks in at just over half an hour.”

“A perfect gem found along a dusty trail; Goodnight Lovin’ Trail will leave you remembering the things you’ve lost along that road that stretches out behind you.” - Karen Tortora-Lee, The Happiest Medium


  “…an engaging and thought-provoking forty minutes.” “Goodnight Lovin' Trail is a finely produced play and a wonderful choice for those seeking a production with considerable substance.” – Terra Vetter, (

  “Bray's play is well-written and remarkably concise.” –Byrne Harrison, ( 

 “A wonderful opportunity to see a couple of talented actors in a superb drama.” – Paul Kraaijeveld, New York High School Theatre Examiner (  

On Top (The Rising Sun Performance Company as part of the one-act series, “Cravings”)  
“Playwright John Patrick Bray, whose one-act On Top, one of six short plays that comprise Rising Sun’s current production, must have been excited when he picked up last Sunday’s New York Times Magazine. The cover story, a feature on sex columnist and activist Dan Savage, championed the notion that a healthy marriage may require an occasional infidelity. On Top, among the production’s strongest offerings, serves as a near perfect illustration of that argument. As the cuckolded husband, Joe Beaudin strikes a delicate balance of depressed neurosis and sweet optimism. We see why his wife would seek pleasure elsewhere, and at the same time, we understand why she loves him.” – Li Cornfield, Off-Off-Online (  
Promotional photo for the NYC production of Hound, directed by Rachel Klein. (Pictured: Alyssa Schroeter. Image designed by Rachel Klein).
Michael Bertolini in (re:)Directions Theatre Company's production of As We Speak.
Postcard for At Hand Theatre Company's production of Trickster at the Gate. (Pictured: Amanda Baily as "Nell").
Kathryn Elisabeth Lawson as 'Alice' and Michael Bertolini as 'George' in (re:)Directions Theatre Company's production of Liner Notes. (Directed by Erin Smiley as part of The Planet Connections Theatre Festivity).
Production still from Heartland Theatre Company's production of Eleanor's Passing. Directed by Christopher Gray. (Pictured: Larry Egan as 'Moe,' Dave Lemmon as 'Gus,' and Kevin Woodard as 'Tall Glass').
Louisiana Lieutenant Governor Jay Dardenne as 'Abraham Lincoln' and Cliff Deal as 'Robert E. Lee' in Lincoln and Lee at the Louisiana State Archives. Commissioned by David Madden, and the Louisiana Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission.
A moment from the reading of Generation X Tries to Kill the Cast of Glee, But They're Zombies So It Doesn't Work, as part of the Valdez Fringe Festival in Valdez, Alaska.
Moderating the Rose of Athens No Shame Play Reading Series at Hendershots Coffee Bar (This night: The Elephant in the Room by Jennie Czuba).
My MFA Thesis, 'Goodnight Lovin' Trail,' is published in this anthology.
My first academic publication appeared in Platform 6.1, available online and in print.
"'What's Wrong with this Play?': Workshops, Audiences, and Horizons of Expectations." in Platforms 6.1.

Featuring Eleanor's Passing.

Formerly, The Circle in the Square (Downtown), and former home to the Actors Studio Drama School's Rep. Season. My thesis was produced here in 2003.

Promotional sticker for the reading of Hound at The New School for Drama in the summer of 2005. (Designed by Diana Drago).
Rehearsal for Attic Monster, with director David Crowe and actors Stephanie Friedman and Lake Roberts, as part of The GOOD Works Theatre Festival, Atlanta, 2012.
Myles McGinn as 'Mr. Coffee and Cigarettes' and Lauren Landry as 'Lee' in the 2007 production of Goodnight Lovin' Trail as part of The Hub City Theatre Festival. McGinn won an HCTF Award for 'Best Actor,' Rachel Adams won for 'Best Design,' and the production won for 'Audience Favorite.'
Nic Mevoli in a publicity photo as 'Mr. Coffee and Cigarettes' in the 2009 production of Goodnight Lovin' Trail as part of the Wilmington Fringe.
Cast of the RKP/HQ Rep. Production of Hound as part of the 2009 Planet Connections Theatre Festivity.
Publicity image for As We Speak, commissoined by the (re:)Directions Theatre Company and produced in the fall of 2008.
Still from Goodnight Lovin' Trail as part of the Actors Studio Drama School's Rep. Season. Directed by Dennis Wayne Gleason. Photo by Scott Wynn.
My article, "Playwright as Auteur, Playwright as Producer: The Economics and Aesthetics of the Twenty-First Century American Playwright," as published in the 2012 volume of New England Theatre Journal.